notes from a lecture at UC Berkeley on 10/8/2010

  • Exercise is the number one way to achieve happiness.
  • Sleep: one extra hour a day gives a bigger boost to happiness than a $60.000 raise. Deprivation affects memory, mood, concentration, limits verbal flexibility, and can contribute to weight gain.
  • Forgiveness: helps you be empathetic and healthier. What to do: let go. It’s a decision of choosing positive over negative emotions. Might include grieving.
  • Gratitude: Many benefits such as energy and increased optimism. Simple to practice. Count your blessings and write down five things you’re happy about/thankful for one time a week. Keep a gratitude journal. A gratitude visit is when you bring someone a thank you note and read it aloud to them. Increases confidence and self-worth. It is the most social emotion.
  • Kindness: volunteerism increases health and therefore longevity. Stronger effect than exercising four times a week! Those people that volunteer at two or more places live longer
  • Mindfulness: being non-judgmental, living in the moment. Meditation.
  • Growth mindset: fixed vs. inborn. The most successful people attribute their success to actions as well as inborn traits. A fixed mindset is one that is focused on what you believe you can do, such as when you try hard. An inborn mindset in one that focuses on what you believe you’re born with and promotes laziness, such as when you think you’re smart. 

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