1-25-18 Library event

1-23-17 Library event

12/2/15 CC Manual #10 (fourth CC) Inspirational speech

3/10/15 Impromptu Speaking educational speech

9/24/13 CC manual speech #3, Get to the Point: Break a leg

8/13/13 Advanced speech #2, Resources for Entertainment: Taylor Isaacs

6/18/13 Mentoring educational speech

4/9/13 Grooming Logan 

4/9/13 Path to DTM

3/30/13 The Sierra Trip: My entry into the International Speech Contest

2/12/13 My fifth and final humorous speech.

12/15/12 Triumph Foundation hosted a morning of weapons practice. It was a kick. Here is a video I made of stills and one video.

12/5/12 The fourth speech from the Advanced Manual Humorously Speaking. This was given at the all SCV club party. Directly proceeding the speech was an introduction by the Toastmaster, which you can read by clicking here.

4/12 Circle of Hope 5k

3/12 My hiking speech

2/12 My fifth Toastmaster's speech: Ballroom Dancing Objective: Your body speaks

1/12 My eighth Toastmaster's speech: Kung Fu. Objective: using visual aids

11/11 Logan meets Annie, a dog in our neighborhood

11/11 Logan's first play date since coming to our house, at Northridge Hospital, with Pepper, a Labradoodle

 10/11 Speaking while standing up 

9/11 4th Toastmasters speech about Logan

8/11: Play date for Logan at Canine Companions for Independence in Oceanside, CA


7/11: Swimming in my pool

6/11 Went soaring. 

~2003 We remodeled our kitchen so that it is accessible. Come take a tour with me.

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