Text 10/03 - 1/11

I've come a long way in the last few years. Here are some of the highlights. 

My general health is good; I rarely catch a cold.  I’m even blessed with low blood pressure and a lean body.  

10/03: I began walking with RGO leg braces and crutches. This alone has been a FANTASTIC source of pain relief, cardiovascular exercise, stretching and strength building. 9/04: I have a goal of walking in the 2005 LA Marathon.  

2/04: I spoke to several grade schools about my disability as part of More Like You, which attempts to show kids that people with disabilities are just like them. 

3/04: I started exercising at the Santa Clarita Athletic Club, working with a private trainer (Taylor Isaacs) at Gold’s gym, and swimming at the Santa Clarita Academy Swim Club.

9/04: I purchased a 2004 Toyota Sienna and outfitted it with Hand Controls..Now I can drive myself around town.  Not only has this helped the family out as I can shuttle the kids to and fro, but it has given me an incredible feeling of independence.  When I first came home,  I relied on Dial-A-Ride or buses for transportation.  Then I hired a private driver. Now I rely on ME!

11/04: We went on a 3-day cruise to Ensenada. Traveling is a challenge for those of us that are challenged. The main things that I look for in an accessible room are that the toilet be of a good height for my commode chair that I use to go to the bathroom.   

12/04: Jacob's band Styx 'N' Stones where he plays drums had their debut performance at his school's talent show. They've got to be heard and seen to appreciate how much talent these young men have. Stay tuned for great things to come of their musicianship. 

1/05: Sami's U10 soccer team, The Smashing Pumpkins, was the Santa Clarita Valley AYSO 3rd place team. That's great when you realize there are 80 teams in the league. In it's four post-season playoff games, they won three. In several regular season and two of the playoff games, Sami scored the winning goal! 

3/6/05: I entered into the LA Marathon with the goal of walking across the finish line. I made this goal six months ago.  Pictures of the event are in the photo gallery.

3/24/05: I just got a letter from Congressman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon because he saw the final photo of me ("Making it to the finish line"). You can view his letter by clicking here.

4/30/05: I entered the fourth annual CSUN Run, Walk & Roll for the third time. I rolled the 5k and then stood up and walked across the finish line, as I did in the LA Marathon, only this time I doubled the distance to about 600 feet. It was actually too far. I had to sit down about half-way for a couple of minutes. Prior to this walk, my longest walk was 34 minutes. This one took 45! An article was written about me in the LA Daily News. 

10/16/05: I was in the Long Beach Marathon and just like in Northridge, I did the 5k and then walked. This time I judged the distance better and had a 20 minute walk. It was beautiful there. I shot video, but unfortunately, do not have any stills.

10/26/05: I was a presenter at Castaic Middle School's first Diversity Day. 

11/6/05: I was in the Santa Clarita Marathon and just like in Northridge and Long Beach, I did the 5k and then walked. 

3/19/06: I coordinated a group of Taylor's clients to walk across the finish line in the LA Marathon (like I did last year). That morning, Sami and I did the 5k. I received an incredible email from Leon Hoyer, one of the participants, which you can read by clicking here that tells it all. 

4/27/06: I did a repeat of the CSUN Run, Walk and Roll, walking the last 400 or so feet.

11/5/06: Sami and I participated in the 5k portion of the Santa Clarita Marathon. I didn't walk at the end, finishing the race in 39 minutes.

11/15/06: I started Mystery Shopping for several companies. If you went to learn more about this freelance way to make money, go to www.volition.com. They have an overview of the industry and a link to a lot of companies.

3/4/07: I walked in the L.A. Marathon for the third time along with 7 others. 3 couldn't make it. It was an incredible day. You can read about it here.

11/4/07: I did the 5k and walked across the finish line in the SCV Marathon. 

3/09: A lot happened last year: I coordinated the 2008 L.A. Marathon where we had about 14 persons with a physical disability walk to cross the finish line. There was media coverage. I changed my UTI solution to taking cranberry instead of D-Mannose and only get about 3 UTIs per year now. Levaquin works best for me and as a bonus it's only taken 1x/day. I've been walking 6-7 days/week and standing every day. In November, I 'walked' at the SCV Marathon / 5k for the third time. Media coverage there as well.

10/09: I did the 5k and walked across the finish line in the Magic Mountain Man 5k.

11/09: I did the 5k and walked across the finish line in the SCV Marathon.

7/10 My left shoulder has deteriorated to the point where I had to get a power wheelchair.

10/10 I broke both of my legs..

1/11 I had left shoulder surgery.

4/12 Got a new 2012 Sienna, this time in white. 

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